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€780.00 / 6 h


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The Saimaa area is a reason to travel by itself, but you experience a lot more when you jump on a boat. During a boat trip we visit three different islands, each with its own characteristics. Enjoy campfire coffee on the treasure island, ring the bell from tsasouna middle of nowhere and eat local fishdinner at camping Island. Depends a season, forests in islands offers various mushrooms, berries and wildherbs for collect. This area of saimaa offers many stories from past years. You can see sights of last ice age and stone age time and stories from wartime. Our hearty and approachable guides will lead you to them.  

Dinner is included during tour at Muukonsaari Island. Salad with wildherb tint, Cherrywood smoked vendace, traditional crepes with wild blueberry jam will satisfy your culinary side.